Our experts

Miguel Ángel Abril has 13 years of experience in teaching, training and school management. Recently he has worked on CLIL projects at Primary level, coordinating the bilingual project of CBM CEIP La Santa Cruz in Caravaca. He is regularly involved in teacher training.

Visi Alaminos has been teaching English for over 14 years now both in Spain and the USA. Creator of the awarded “English Learning Box” and webmaster of www.visi.es, she is a teacher trainer and advisor on the uses of technology for education.

Ángela Álvarez-Cofiño Martínez has degrees in English Teaching and English Philology. She is a teacher trainer, materials writer and course consultant, and at present is writing her doctoral thesis on CLIL. In 2003, she was awarded a National Prize in Educative Innovation for an English at Infants Stage project, and in 2004, 2005 and 2009, she was awarded three European Labels for innovation and quality in a CLIL project. She is currently teaching at the C.P. Bilingüe Ventanielles (Oviedo, Asturias), where she is the coordinator of the English Department. She also co-wrote the phonics content for the phonics Multi-ROM for OUP’s brand-new title for Pre-Primary education, Oxford Splash.

Plácido Bazo works  at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife) in the faculty of Education. Plácido is heavily involved in the teacher training programmes for Primary teachers offered by the Department of Education for the Canary Islands and other local governments. He is a member of the group of specialists that has been advising the Ministry of Education on the development of the use of key competences and the competence  in linguistic communication (with the IFIE and the OAPEE). As an OUP author his publications include Fantastic Fanfare 3 & 4, and Holiday English 1st to 6th of Primary. Together with Marcos Peñate, Plácido is the course consultant and third cycle author of Oxford’s Cool Kids, and now author of its new edition, Stay Cool.

Katherine Bilsborough has been working as a teacher, trainer and materials writer for over 20 years. She has written coursebooks for top ELT publishers, and develops materials for the British Council and BBC websites LearnEnglish and TeachingEnglish. Katherine writes the OUP monthly Ready-to-go materials for ESO, Bachillerato and EEOOII, and is co-author of OUP’s new Primary coursebook, Ace!

Steve Bilsborough divides his time between materials writing, teacher training, being a musician and gardening! He is currently working at the British Council, Bilbao. Steve has written coursebooks and materials for most of the top ELT publishers. He writes the OUP monthly Ready-to-go materials for ESO, Bachillerato and EEOOII and is co-author of OUP’s new Primary coursebook, Ace!

Jane Cadwallader has taught English to children in Pre-primary and Primary for many years, based both in Barcelona and Madrid. Jane has given courses and talks on EFL methodology and on approaches to bilingual education around Spain and in several other countries. She has published a number of books and courses for EFL in Primary and Pre-primary. Most recently she completed the new OUP bilingual course Look and Think: Sciences and Social Sciences, working with Alison Blair as the English authors for the first 4 levels.

Xurxo Cobelas is an English teacher and has taught at Pre-primary and Primary levels in Galicia for the past five years. As a teacher trainer, he specializes in ICT, including such topics as interactive whiteboards, blogs, website editing and online learning platforms. He is the creator and designer of several websites.

Mariela Collado is a teacher of English and a teacher trainer with more than 20 years of teaching experience. She has been collaborating with Oxford University Press and the different Centres of Teachers running workshops for Primary and Secondary school teachers of English in Spain for the last 12 years. She currently runs courses on CLIL and Phonics in China and Taiwan for Primary teachers.

Montse Costafreda has over thirteen years’ experience of working in ELT in Barcelona as a teacher, teacher trainer, and Head of Studies. Among other areas, she is very interested in implementing phonics at early ages. At present she works as a teacher trainer and storyteller for Oxford University Press.

Mara DeRitter is a teacher trainer and storyteller for OUP Spain.  She has been working in the field of education for many years, specifically EFL since 2007. She participated in Andalucía’s bilingual program for three years as a language and culture assistant in Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary education. She has a degree in Spanish Language and Sociology from Westmont College, as well as TEFL certification and a bilingual Master’s Degree in International Business from the University of Seville.

Kieran Donaghy has been teaching EFL since 1989. He has taught in the UK, Italy, Portugal and Spain. He has a Masters’ degrees in TEFL from the Universitat Roviri i Virgili, and Business Communication from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He is particularly interested in the uses of new technology, images and film in the language classroom. He has given presentations at national and international congresses. He is a teacher and teacher trainer at UAB Idiomes Barcelona.

Kathryn Escribano graduated from Cambridge University in 1988 and moved to Valladolid to take up a post in the English Department of the University. For the last thirteen years, she has taught at a Bilingual Project school. She is also a teacher trainer specializing in phonics and in the teaching of reading and writing. She has written components for several ELT Pre-primary and Primary course books, has designed on-line worksheets for the Dolphin readers and writes the OUP Primary Ready-to-Go as well as other OUP online resources.

Marcela Fernández Rivero is a professor of English in Secondary education and has her degree in Geography and History. She taught English for many years, and when the bilingual programme was formed between the British Council and MEC in 2004-2005, she began teaching Social Sciences in English. Marcela is also the Bilingual Programme Coordinator at the IES Profesor Máximo Trueba, and has participated in several published projects and textbooks relating to CLIL.

Abel Gálvez began teaching English in 1992 and now teaches teenagers at IES Torre del Palau. He has been very active with the implementation of ICT at his school, first with the basics and most recently with the Educat 2.0 project in 1ESO, 2ESO and 3ESO levels, which he currently teaches. His projects include Cinema Per a Estudiants www.cinemaperaestudiants.cat, a collection of interactive activities to exploit original version films in class, and currently a PELE project to foster oral production with 3rd and 4th year ESO students. In this project, he’s working with such tools as podcasts, videos, social networks, Augmented Reality (RA) projects and QR codes.

Dr. Jesús García Laborda is a teacher trainer and a lecturer at the Universidad de Alcalá. Jesús is the author of over 200 academic publications and is currently the director of educational research R&D projects.

Mark Hancock started teaching English in 1984. He’s worked in Sudan, Turkey, Britain, Brazil and Spain. In 1996 he completed his Masters in Teaching English with Aston University. He’s written books including Pronunciation Games (CUP) and English Pronunciation in Use (CUP). Together with Annie McDonald, he’s written Pen Pictures (OUP), and most recently English Result, a four-level general English course for adults (OUP).

Nick Ilkiw´s area of expertise is online courses and tutoring, both of which he has done with OUP Spain in recent years. He has a degree in Spanish, French and International Business from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK as well as a TEFL certification. Nick has experience teaching English online and via telephone to all levels and ages, and has also taught English at summer camps in Cataluña for the past 3 years.

Christina Latham-Koenig started her career in TEFL in 1976, teaching at International House and later at the British Council, both in Spain (Valencia) and in the UK. She got a distinction in the RSA Diploma in 1987, and then became a local supervisor for this course in Spain. She has worked as a teacher trainer for both native and non-native teachers of English. She now lives in Valencia, and she started collaborating as co-author of the English File series in 1995.  The Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels of the new Special Edition of English File will be available next year.

Nina Lauder has been teaching at all levels since 1990 and for the past eleven years has been involved in educational consulting and teacher training. She has given workshops all over Spain and overseas. She is also the co-author of Explorers (OUP, 2010), a popular coursebook in Spain. For more information: http://ninaspain.blogspot.com.

Angela McClenaghan has been teaching in Spain since 2000. Specialising in Primary and Pre-primary teaching, she is the Young Learners’ Assistant Director of Studies at Merit School in Barcelona. Angela is also an ELT materials writer for both young learners and teenagers. She is a teacher trainer for Oxford University Press and has given workshops at the ELT conference at International House Barcelona. She is a Cambridge ESOL oral examiner.

Annie McDonald has been involved in English language teaching for over twenty years.  She has taught EFL/ESP in Turkey, Brazil, the UK and Spain. She is particularly interested in course and syllabus design, motivation and testing and assessment. Annie is co-author with Mark Hancock of Pen Pictures, a three-level writing skills course for young learners, and of English Result (both OUP).

María Moliner teaches English Didactics in Pre-primary and Primary Education at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, where she is also the Coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Bilingual Education. Specialising in bilingual teaching, she worked for six years in bilingual schools in Houston (Texas), and for five years as a Linguistic Consultant for the British Council-M.E.C project in Salamanca. Recently Maria participated in the creation of a Phonics Multi-ROM to accompany OUP’s newest coursebook for Pre-primary education, Oxford Splash.

Cathy Myers is a teacher and teacher trainer internationally as well as a Cambridge ESOL examiner, author, editor and consultant. She teaches English at the Carlos III University in Madrid and her EFL interests are content-based language teaching and facilitating change and innovation in EFL teaching practice. As teacher trainer with the British Council in Madrid for 10 years she ran in-service training courses for primary and secondary school teachers of English all over Spain.  She worked with the Spanish Ministry of Education as coordinator and co-author of the enseñanzas minimas foreign language curriculum (LOE). Her publications include Social Sciences (Oxford CLIL series, 2011), Stand Out (Pearson 2008), and What’s Up? (Pearson 2006).

Mari Carmen Ocete studied English Language and Literature at the Escuela de Magisterio de Granada, and has been teaching English at different levels since 1983.  Currently she is the Bilingual Project Coordinator at a school in Mairena del Aljarafe, and teaches English there in Pre-primary and Primary. She has experience with Comenius projects, and took part in a project creating communicative micro-activities for the Ministry of Education. As a teacher trainer, she has been teaching a resource module for teachers of bilingual schools. She is co-author of OUP’s brand-new coursebook for Pre-primary education, Oxford Splash.

Clive Oxenden has taught English and trained teachers in several different countries. He has lived in Valencia since 1987 and has worked for the British Council there. He has co-authored (with Len Peterson) several English textbooks for Secondary schools in Sweden and Holland, including British Literature (Gleerups, Malmo), an anthology of English Literature. For Oxford University Press he has written the best selling English File series and New English File (with Christina Latham-Koenig). His most recent publications are New English File Beginners (2009) and New English File Advanced (2010).

Annie Páez has over thirteen years of experience teaching L2 to young students in private and public schools, more than ten years teaching L2 to adults and three years investigating and working for a Bilingual Project at CEIP Daniel Martín in Alcorcón, Madrid. Amongst other fields, she has specialized in preparing students to successfully take External Exams.

José Pablo Pérez García graduated in English Teaching and English Philology from the University of Oviedo. For the past seven years he has been working as an English teacher in semi-private and state schools which have implemented bilingual projects. He specialises in Phonics and has developed school projects for Infants and Primary stages. Since 2009 he has also worked as a teacher trainer for CPRs and OUP in phonics and CLIL methodology.

Sarah Phillips is a teacher, teacher trainer and author with a special interest in young learners and their teachers. She has published with Oxford University Press, among other things, the six-level Primary series Incredible English Kit (OUP), and is also among the authors of OUP’s Primary series, Explorers.

Robert Quinn is a teacher trainer and materials writer who has lived in Spain since 1992. Robert’s most recent publications include levels 1 and 2 of Switch, a new ESO course from OUP, and several non-fiction titles for the Oxford Read and Discover series of graded readers.

Sergio Ramírez is a teacher trainer and currently works as an English teacher at Colegio Montepinar in Murcia. He has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and web designer. His main interest lies in teaching subjects through English, especially Arts & Crafts and Sciences.

Vanessa Reilly is a teacher, author and teacher trainer, and trains teachers from Spain and around the world. She has an M.A. in English Language Teaching specializing in very young learners. She currently teaches children from ages 3 to 12 at a Primary school in Seville, and is an advisor to the Spanish Ministry of Education on their project for developing communicative competence. Vanessa is author of various award-winning OUP titles, including 2 Teacher Resource Books, Surprise! 1, 2 & 5 as well as the newest edition Big Surprise! 1, 2 & 5 for Primary, Three in a Tree A & B for Pre-primary, and the brand-new series for Pre-primary, Oxford Splash.

Michael Swan is a writer specialising in English Language teaching and reference materials. His many publications include Practical English Usage (OUP), and the new Oxford English Grammar Course (with Catherine Walter). Michael’s interests include pedagogic grammar, mother-tongue influence in second language acquisition, and the relationship between applied linguistic theory and classroom language-teaching practice.

Jessica Toro is currently a teacher trainer in Zaragoza. She has also worked as a Director of Studies in the International House in London having earned her Teacher Trainer Certificate.

Patti Trimborn is a bilingual education consultant and teacher trainer with many years of teaching experience in bilingual and international schools. Patti has delivered courses for teachers throughout Spain, as well as in the UK. She has taught pre-service CLIL teachers at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.  Patti is currently the Director of English at the International Institute in Madrid.

Robin Walker is a freelance teacher, teacher trainer and ELT author. A former Vice-President of TESOL-SPAIN, he is the current editor of Speak Out!, the newsletter of the IATEFL Pronunciation Special Interest Group. He regularly gives talks, courses and workshops on pronunciation teaching, and has recently published Teaching the Pronunciation of English as a Lingua Franca, an OUP teacher’s handbook. He is also the co-author of the Pocket Book of English File, Special Edition.

Sarah Walker started teaching English in Spain in 1996 and since then has worked with the British Council as a teacher and teacher trainer in several countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Portugal and Italy. As ICT Coordinator for SE Asia with the British Council she worked with several Ministries of Education, designing and delivering teacher training programmes specialising in the use of IWBs for language teaching. She has also worked with several publishers in the design and development of digital teaching resources for both CLIL and ELT.

Ben Wetz started teaching English in 1986, and since 1998 he has been a freelance author and teacher trainer. Working with OUP he has written several successful coursebook series for teenagers, including English Alive! Ben’s most recent work includes OUP’s new title for Secondary, English Plus.

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