Try Wall Wisher for collaborative learning

What is Wall Wisher? It’s like an online bulletin board where anyone can post their ideas and thoughts.

How can we use it in our classes? The possibilities are endless! Consider the following uses…

1. Brainstorm ideas for a project. Students can post their ideas and suggestions to share within their group, or as a class. It could be a great way to create classroom rules at the beginning of the year!

2. A space for asking questions… and answering them. Students can post their questions while studying at home or in class. And other students can answer them! The teacher will only have to answer those that can’t be answered by other students.

3. Write a collaborative story. Each student posts one sentence that continues the story. Just make sure to keep the posts in order so that you can read the story.

What other ideas can you think of? Have you used this before? Visit our wall and post your ideas!! See how it works and reflect on how you might use it with your students… All ideas are welcome!

Keep in mind you can include links, photos, documents, etc. to your post. Allow your students to get creative! You’ll have to sign in (with Google or create an account) to create a wall, but anyone can post.

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